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Welcome to Goa

Beach Bounty
The biggest draw of Goa is undoubtedly the virtually uninterrupted string of golden sand beaches. These beaches extend along the Arabian Sea to the state's toe, and every coastal community has developed its own personality and dignity from the hippie days of sixty-eight decades. They provide each tropical vortex: choose from the backpacker Arambol or Boulder, Brasserie Baga; Palomal's Palm-fringe sand, Anjuna or Beautiful, Hippie Market Enjoy; Later Mandem; Fancy five-star resorts or hidden crescent shirts with wide-body rands, where the sole footprinted crates' and yours will be yours.

Spiritual Sanctuary
Want to ride your zen as well as yours? Goa is welcomed in the winter where yoga is king and the crops of spiritual activities get excited every year: Sunrise yoga sessions, reiki healing courses, meditation, and every other forms of spiritual research are all practiced freely. Many tourists come here for a serious yoga experience and you can get everything from drop-in classes to teaching courses and teaching spiritual withdrawal.

Spice of life
Due to being a whole of India, Goa is fully enjoyed by food. Goa's cuisine scent, spices and flavors will also be astonished and the experienced tourists will also like to: whether it is a classic fish curry rice, morning bhal-pou (dipped in bread rolls), a refined windoloh, wine vinegar and garlic, or spicy zakati sauce, Indian-Portuguese Performance is a remedy for taste buds. When you are here, visit back-country masala farms to know why Portuguese was so excited about Goa.

Cultural Crockpot
Goa is in India for its Portuguese colonial architecture and heritage. The Portuguese arrived in Goa in 1510, before the exile of foreign ex and loyalty spice began to emerge in 1961, his state's Baroque architecture, Whitewashed Churches, the broken castles, colored Catholic ceremonies, mournful fad music, and spectacular cathedrals of Old Goa.

Top Experience in Goa

  • Panaji(panjim)

One of India's most lighter state capital cities, Pongi (Panjim), crowds the vast peninsula near the Mardovi River, where cruise boats and floating casinos cover the water, and advertising signs have a neon mirror at night.
A bright whiteworld church dominates the animated city center, wide-leaved boulevard skirts surrounding the river and shoulder rubber with gorgeous colonial era buildings, arti boutiques, old school bookshops, advanced malls and backstreet bars.

But in the old Latin Quarter of Fontenhaus, the narrow streets in the struggle really stole the show. Nowhere is the Portuguese performance felt more open than this, where in the afternoon afternoon sunlight illuminates yellow houses with purple doors, and around every corner you will restore an ate-colored house with terracotta-tiled roof, rusty iron balconies and arched oyster. Shell Windows

Panaji is an essential part of Goa's experience for a day or two.

  • Ponda Region

Compared to Gonda City, Ponda is more Indian and more Indian in appearance and the city does not have attractions like hotels or decent restaurants. The main reason for visiting Gonda is that the oldest and best preserved Hindu temple complex of Goa is spread across the city's outskirts. This region is also home to many spice plantations, which offer farm tours and lunch.

  • Anjuna Market

Anjuna Weekly Wednesday's flea market is part of Goa's experience that is a day on the beach. More than three decades ago, it was conceived and created by smoking by jumbo joints by Hippies, who compared the hub to compare experiences on the Indian circuit and call upon the sale of jeans or handmade jewelry to help their remaining investments.

Such purchasing power has essentially pushed the market prices forward, but if you know the right prices, you can still get some good deals with a lot of competition. In these days the market returns to the way of admission to beaches in paddy fields; Infinite Stalls can be repetitive after a time. Two restaurants-bars with Chi stalls and live music for the rest of the people from shopping. Cafe Luda has a fabulous sunset beachfront location and live music from 5 am, while Sebriz packed them with live music in the afternoon.

You can still find Westerners trading goods and services (tattoos, peersings and so on) but they are more Swanvir Markets. Despite years of change, there is no sign of vanity in the market, so dive into it and enjoy the ride. The best time to visit is from early (8am) or late afternoon (closes after sunset at about 4pm). Season's first market is around mid-November, which continues till the end of April.
  • Old Goa (Historic Goa)

From the 16th to the 18th centuries, when the population of Old Goa was more than Lisbon or London, the former capital of Goa was considered 'Rome of the East'. You can still understand the magnificence of the rest of the city, its big churches and cathedrals and the splendid conventions. The increase in Portuguese in 1510 was meteoroid, but the spread of cholera and malaria forced the city to abandon the 17th century. In 1843 the capital was officially moved to the pong. Some impressive churches and cathedrals are still used and are well-preserved, while other historic buildings have become museums or simply ruins. It's an interesting day trip, but it can be in the crowd: Consider visiting a weekend morning.

  • Pelolem Beach

Palolam is undoubtedly one of Goa's most postcard-complete beaches: a soft curve of palm sand in front of a quiet bay. But in the season a beachfront toy is transformed into a city and is transformed into bamboo hots by colored and growing modern wood and palm-catch restaurants. It's still a great place and it's popular with backcapers, long-stayers and families. Safe Bye is one of the safest swimming spots in Goa and you can work comfortable and paddleboard for hours here.

Around the headline in the south end of the beach, Columbia Bay - by the foot or by the road - some of the few key-key resorts and restaurants are hidden along the way.

You can rent yoga classes or rent motorbikes and cruises to beaches, waterfalls and wildlife parks away from the beach.

  • Vagator & Chapora

Dramatic red stone rocks of 17th century Portuguese castle, thick palm stones and broken vagator and neighboring Chapora from its small village give one of the beautiful styles of the North Goan coast. Once known for her wild tranpered parties and verbal, hippie lifestyle, things have gradually fallen slower in recent days and upmarket restaurants have more style, though Vagator has some of the best clubs in Goa. Chepora - Star Wars Moss Eiselle Remembers Cantina - Greenpeace of fans (cushioning resin) for long-term smokers, which is heavily covered with light sea breeze.

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